Scholarship Guidelines 

Scholarship Description and Selection Process

  1. Selection for scholarships is based on a combination of high school GPA, awards/activities/involvement, and letter of recommendation.
  2. Applicants submitting their complete application previous to the deadline will be considered based off of the criteria above, for a premiere scholarship. 
  3. Applicants submitting their applications prior or after the due date, and not awarded additional funds, will be given the minimum scholarship (traditionally totaling $800 over four semesters) according to the information below.


  1. Student must be a high school graduating senior.
  2. Student must enroll at WOSC as an Agriculture Major.
  3. Student must enroll in Agriculture Orientation class.
  4. Student must enroll in at least one other Agriculture class.
  5. Student must have an Agriculture advisor (see or top of scholarship application for advisor list) while at WOSC.
  6. The student must be an Agriculture Major, have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 each semester, and completed 24 hours of credit excluding deficiency classes.

Application Submission

  1. Complete online at (preferred method).
  2. Print off an application from the above address and mail to:

    Western Oklahoma State College

    Agriculture Sciences

    2801 North Main

    Altus, Oklahoma 73521 

Send Along with Application:

  1. Mail an OFFICIAL copy of your most recent high school and/or college transcripts.
  2. At least one letter of recommendation from a person familiar with your previous accomplishments, other than a family member or pastor/priest/minister/etc.  Examples of people to send a letter are: Agriculture Education instructor, school administer, teacher, previous employer, or any other mentor.


Dr. Jennifer Hammack